Did you know that dirty concrete is not only ugly but it is also a slip hazard for you, your loved ones or your customers. Why a slip hazard you might ask? Depending on your location you might have a lot of trees and shade. This is a breeding ground for organic growth to grow on all of your hard surfaces and when it rains it eventually starts to grow mildew, mold, moss, lichen and making your concrete extremely slippery when wet. We live in the Midwest and other factors come into play like winter! Snow and ice are also a problem for your concrete. Plain and simple we use a lot of salt to melt the snow and ice. Salt is extremely hard on the concrete over the winter months and it is important to have it power washed in the Spring time to remove the salt deposits that are embedded into the pores of the concrete causing your concrete to fail.

When we clean concrete it stays clean for 2 years. We have a process that will eliminate the organic growth first and we then follow it up with our hot water water power wash application bringing your concrete back to life.

Maintenance is maintenance and it is just a part of life in order to keep your expensive investment looking its best and keeping your loved ones safe from slip and fall accidents…


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