A cedar shake roof is a beautifully rustic roof that can add a lot of charm and appeal to your home. Unlike other types of roofs the cedar shake roof is made from cedar shingles. Cedar is a very strong wood that holds up well to the elements and is a natural deterrent to mold, mildew and many insects. This makes having a cedar shake roof a good thing. Unfortunately the cedar shake roof also has its downsides as maintenance needs to be a very proactive thing. Without the proper maintenance of your cedar shake roof it will be costly to fix or replace the cedar roof once it starts to decay.

Clean it Every 5 Years

Even though a cedar shake roof is naturally protected against water damage it can still warp and get damaged if allowed to soak continuously in water. For this reason it is important that the cedar shake roof is cleaned often. If leaves or branches are allowed to rest on it for days or weeks at a time you will see pooling of water in those areas. Leaves and branches can create a dam that will block water from flowing off the roof and into the drain. We never use a power washer on a cedar shake roof as the pressure can actually break the cedar. Our Soft Washing process is the only way to effectively eliminate the moss, mold, mildew & lichens that form on cedar shake roofs.

Protect Against Mold and Algae

A cedar shake roof is made from real wood and, as such, can accumulate algae and mold as well as mildew. It will usually be hidden under the cedar where it is dark and remains damp. If you allow debris to collect on the cedar shake roof, especially organic debris, which can cause mold to form. This happens when the organic debris begins to break down. Removing the organic debris quickly will prevent mold and mildew from forming. In order to protect the underside of the cedar shake roof you need to check the flashing. Flashing is long and thin strips of metal that is used to along the seams to waterproof the roof. We will Inspect the flashing for holes or places where it may not be properly seated.

Chemical Treatment and Why it is Important

There are a myriad of little plants (MOSS) that can grow out of a cedar shake roof. These plants can cause all kinds of issues like holes in the roof or cracking cedar shingles. Moss holds a lot of moisture and it will actually grow like a fur jacket on your cedar shake roof. We chemically clean your cedar shake roof with low pressure and rinse with a high volume of water. The moss will start to turn white once it is treated with the chemicals and that is a sign that the moss has been eliminated right at the source.


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