This is a great question to ask and is summed up by stating again, just what soft washing is:

Soft Washing is a cleaning technique as opposed to power/pressure washing being hard streamed water slammed against the surface to remove the gunk and grime from the surface. These high pressure alternatives have the habit of causing pits in the surface, erosion, and multiple forms of damage to certain materials. But using our soft washing system, includes the use of biodegradable solutions to prevent the buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew in the future. This less invasive cleaning method preserves the layers of your surfaces while allowing safe and enviromentally safe cleaning sollutions to seep in and go to work. Because of soft washings long lasting clean, it allows a surface to stay clean with less frequent cleanings. ChicagoLand SoftWash has the knowledge and know how to make your clean stay clean.


The most important piece of information about gutters is, they need to be cleaned just like every other part of the house. Neglecting your gutter could lead to leaks in your roof, and cracking of your foundation. “BUT” that said, you should also know, that Gutter Guards and Leaf Filters are actually horrible to your gutter and actually cause your draining system (gutter) to not properly drain.

Q.Wait How is that Possible?
A.Great question. When there is a down pour not uncommon like our area experiances, and wind, leaves, moss, debris, even home items like lint and paper get wet and actually stick to these gutter guards. And then guess what happens? That’s right. Your gutter is not catching the water off of your roof as it was designed to do back when it was created in 3000 BC, and drainage systems installed in the 1200’s where it is supposed to be sending the water to, its draining system. Then, all the water pouring off of your house is falling down around your house which can seep into your basement and that is a whole other issue in itself. Or to make matters worse, the water stands in your yard which later will lead to larva from insects being hatched in that standing water or thirsty critters coming into your yard to get a drink. Grass doesn’t grow very well under water either so then you have a mold and mildew issue right in your yard with rotting dying grass.

Q. What if I have an Underground Gutter Drainage System?

A. These too are problematic as these under ground gutter systems due to first being a poor design, and they are rarely maintained. Water gets backed up and where do you think that water goes? That’s right, it drains right into your foundation walls eventually eroding them.

Gutters in themselves are a huge benefit to your home, why not allow a professional to care for them? ChicagoLand SoftWash is trained and fully qualified in maintaining your gutter system to ensure that they do exactly what they were designed to do, keep water off of your house and out of your home.


So holidays can some times be a lot of joy or a lot of mess. As we all at one time were youth’s we knew how to make a good prank, this could include phone calls (is your refrigerator running? Well you better go catch it), toilet papering your house, or even worse, rotten eggs. Sometimes these “pranks” can become damaging to your house and property. This is where you have to decide whether or not you want to make a claim on your auto or homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the damages of this prank.

Q.How does my insurance work for pranks?

A. First thing to learn is about your deductable and how much of it will apply to the prank. Every type of insurance comes with some sort of a deductable unless otherwise purchased without. This can range from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. A deductable is a portion of the cost and repair of the damage that has been done that you the insured must pay out of your own pocket before the insurance company covers the remainder.

Michael Barry, Vice President of Media Relations for the Insurance Institute said “weigh the cost to repair or replace any damages incurred against your deductable amount that you need to pay out of pocket and whether that would cause your household financial duress.” Basically, if your deductable is higher than the damage cost to fix or replace, than it is better to save that claim for a large cost item that you cannot replace personally such as an entire loss of property and pay the cost of the damages yourself.

We also suggest keeping your deductable amount in an emergency fund to help protect you for a major catastrophe if such arises.

No matter what the question or job at hand, call us up at ChicagoLand and see how we can assist you with any other issue from our SoftWash and Exterior Cleaning of any and all acts of God to good old fashioned Pranks. One Call, we service it all.



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