Tree over hangs, birds, and mother nature throw a lot at your roof. The very thing that keeps you dry in the rain, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter is attacked by the elements and critters on a daily basis.

For years homeowners have turned to high pressure washing or power washing to get their roofs clean only to have the same bacteria’s, mold, mildew, and any other form of contaminate return time and time again. And to make matters worse, these pressure washers and power washing machines do more damage to your roof than some of the contaminates do. Roofing has weather classes of just how much it can stand…. Pressure/Power washing is higher than any of those classes. And when your roofing breaks down, the astronomical cost to replace it will leave you in dismay.

ChicagoLand SoftWash is exactly what our name implies. We use a bio-degradable chemical compound found in nature to combat nature to clean and sanitize your roof “Softly” and best of all, it has a barrier that keeps those stains, molds, mildews, and any other microbe from attacking your very protector over your head your roof.

Something else very important to think about is safety. With the contaminates on your roof currently, the mold, mildew, algae, old leaves, bird defecation, critter defecation…. your roof is slick as ice. Insurance companies frown upon replacing a roof that could have had preventive care done to it to save it, but they frown even more on homeowners falling off their roof attempting to clean it themselves.

ChicagoLand SoftWash has all the right equipment to clean and protect your roof as well as their own insurance to protect each of our workers and your roof when we are working on it.


  1. Start with beautification: With ChicagoLand SoftWash Roof Cleaning, your roof will once again look like it is brand new. People will look around wondering when you had your roof replaced.
  1. Longer Life: The life of your current roofing materials will increase by up to 50% with a SoftWash Cleaning.
  1. Financial Investment: The cost of a new roof is astronomical and in today’s economy, you already see what is happening there, and your roof is not exempt from costing you more today than what it has ever cost.
  1. Health Benefits: The CDC has listed Mold, Mildew, Algae and Fungus being in the top 10 of biggest irritants that cause major health issues. All of these items you can see on your roof now. And chances are, your entire family is exposed to them daily. You clean the shower from the molds and mildews, why wouldn’t you clean your roof?


There is no one size fits all in roof cleaning, but ChicagoLand SoftWash uses environmentally safe products that combat the elements that destroy your roof. So not so much should the question be how often should I clean my roof, but by whom should I have my roof clean? Because without the right team of people with the right type of chemical that combats these bacteria, then you can have your roof clean once a week. But with the right team who have the knowledge and experience in getting your roof as clean as it has ever been, you can indeed take that cleaning list down to it’s bare minimum.


Roofs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so knowing the cost is impossible to know without physically looking at what types of issues the roof is having, its size and shape and of course timing. What ChicagoLand SoftWash takes pride in though, is stating, for the exact same service we will offer and recommend after viewing your roof, we are certain to give you a lower price than any other company who claims to do what we do. And to put the cherry on top, our work is guaranteed. Although this is a business, it also is a community. If our service satisfies you, then you will tell others and they will call us too. Give a bad service, receive a bad review and never get calls but treat the customer how you would want to be treated offering a fair service at a fair cost, your phone never stops ringing.

So Far We’ve explained to you about some of the elements and natures finest that has been thrown at your home, but still we get questions take for instance:

Q. So is my roof really dirty?
A. No, your roof isn’t dirty, it’s INFESTED! It is a proven fact and any scientist will confirm, take a sample of your roof to any lab who can test just what is up there, and you will be disgusted and what you will learn. Those unsightly dark stains and streaks aren’t just dark stains and streaks, no they are actually an infestation. They are an Organism or a Pest to say it better, such as algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Each of these pesky organisms or pest will eat at and destroy the wood under your shingles, deteriorate roofing materials and also cause your roof to retain heat as darker colors attract sun light and lighter colors repel sun light.

Q.How do these pest get on my roof?

A.There are many ways these pest get on your roof, may it be a dip for standing water, snow standing on your roof all winter, ice build up, animals, trees dropping their pollens and saps, and even local contaminates in the air we breath that build up on roof tops. (You could tell the children its from Santa’s Reindeer if you like).


Do you own lawn furniture? Have you ever noticed when it sits out in the elements for long periods of time that black mold starts to grow on it? Or it fades out? This happens to your roof daily. You can’t store your roof in your garage but you can have your roof cleaned by the professionals at ChicagoLand SoftWash and it protected to stop any further damages from these pest.


And best of all, The American Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends OUR 100% Eco-Friendly, Affordable, and Safe Non-Damaging SoftWashing Method that is also worry free to you our customer as each of our entire roof cleanings and entire roof treating service is backed by our 5 Year Limited Warranty. This of course will be performed by our fully trained and certified team members who are experts in Softwashing Technology that requires their testing and further education given once every year to keep their certification.



How many times have you wondered if there was any body who was a professional as well as trust worthy in your area that could take care of some cleaning around the house (literally around the house)?

You as well as many other Home Owners, Leasers and Renters have found themselves exploring different options for their outdoor living space and with the many options outside such as sandstone, cedar, or even concrete, it can be difficult to know just where to start looking for a professional at.

The most popular and versatile of all surfaces of course is concrete. Why? It is low-maintenance, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colors and textures.

Although its versatility, over time the residue from heavy foot traffic, dirt, grime and oil begins to build up on the surface which can cause your concrete area to become dull and actually quite ugly.

Power Washing though is an amazing way to remove the ugly without damaging the beauty underneath all of that nasty, which also is a great consideration so that when winter bares it’s head again, all of that dirt, grime, and ugly won’t be sitting under 2 foot of snow again this year.

This is where ChicagoLand SoftWash comes into play as your exterior needs to be properly maintained by professional cleaners who stand behind their work and on top of it such as your patio or deck. When time is of the essence, let ChicagoLand SoftWash clean the mess up.

So you may be asking yourself….




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