Your Roof Isn’t Dirty- It’s INFESTED!
It’s true! Those unsightly dark stains and streaks are actually an infestation! These organisms, or “pests,” are actually algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria. These unwanted guests will eat and destroy wood, deteriorate roofing materials, and make your roof retain heat!


Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Roof Softwashed By ChicagoLand SoftWash

1. Enhances Curb Appeal!
Roof cleaning is a small cost that makes
a HUGE difference!

2. Improves Roof Longevity!
Get the most out of your shingles with
our 100% Biodegradable formula.

3. Decreases Energy Costs!
Removing dark stains provides a
more reflective roof surface and
may help keep energy bills down.

4. Maintains Home Value!
Whether you have an existing home or
just purchased a new home,
Chicagoland SoftWash will keep your
home looking its best.

5. Increases Roof Lifespan!
Prevent premature leaks and
cracks due to algae, moss and lichen.

6. Clean It, Don’t Replace It! Save Thousands With Our Effective Sanitation Roof Wash.
If your roof is under warranty and is only 5,10,15, 20 years old we can get your roof sanitized and cleaned for a fraction of the cost on a full replacement for a new roof.

7. Manufacturer Approved!
The American Roofing Manufacturers
Association (ARMA) recommends our
100% Eco-Friendly, affordable, and safe
no-damage softwashing method.

8. Our 5 Year Limited Warranty!
Every roof cleaning job we perform is
backed by our industry-leading 5 year
limited warranty when we treat the
entire roof.

9. Fully Trained & Certified By SoftWash Technologies!
ChicagoLand SoftWash has completed
all required coursework and continue
our education every year to stay
certified within SoftWash Technologies.

10. Health Benefits!
Roof Cleaning lessens moss, lichen and
bacteria from transferring onto other
surfaces of your home and furthering
the infestation.


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