What a heck of a year we have had and Fall is coming quickly. Let’s talk about your gutters and it’s main function and why gutter guards actually make your gutters not properly drain.

Gutter cleaning should be added into your budget once or twice a year, preferably twice a year. The main function of a gutter system is to direct the rain water away from your foundation during the rain season. When gutters are clogged they collect mud and start to eventually grow trees in them not to mention bug infestations.

If you are thinking about getting gutter guards you may want to rethink getting them. The gutter systems has been around since 3000BC and in the 1200s is when the gutter system had its first downspouts. Just imagine if they had gutter guards installed but they didn’t. The gutters optimal results are to be restriction free and that includes gutter guards that can restrict the water flow when the leaves get wet and restrict the rain water from actually entering the gutter system. That is not what you want! They aren’t maintenance free as they claim they are. They are expensive to install and also expensive to get your gutters cleaned from the added work it will take to remove them and get the trapped mud free and the gutter tracks free flowing again. We see it all to often and than the customer says my gutters were supposed to be maintenance free, sadly they aren’t.

Underground gutter drainage systems are another problem because it is a poor design and rarely maintained. Water gets backed up and guess where the water goes? Drains right into your foundation walls eventually eroding them.

Give us a call and we will clean your gutters out, flush the downspouts and tracks and power clean your clogged under ground drainage systems.



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