Brick Pavers are beautiful when they are installed, yet over time, they begin to show their age if not older. This is why it is very important to keep Brick Pavers maintained at least every few years.

Q. But their Brick, why do they need to be maintained?

A. The Best Answer is:

If they haven’t been sealed for a while, the joints between the brick pavers including the pavers them self start to fail by shifting when you drive or walk on them. This is natural with pressure being applied to the ground under them and on top of them. It actually will loosen the brick pavers and weaken the sand base underneath.

Not to worry though, we at ChicagoLand Softwash restore brick pavers to their original beauty while making them safe and secure again for your usage.

Q. So what about Dirty Concrete, is it important to keep it clean too?

A. We hear this all the time and the best answer for this is yes. Dirty concrete is not only an eye sore, but also can become a slip hazard for you, your loved ones or even your customers.

If your location is under shade of trees, this becomes a breeding ground for organic growth, and when it rains, you can grow mildew, mold, moss, and lichen, making your concrete area extremely slippery when wet.

Being in the Chicago Area with winter weather at its toughest in all the Midwest, snow and ice are also major issues for your concrete. Basic language, we use a lot of salt to melt snow and ice and salt is extremely hard on concrete surfaces over the winter months, this is why it is so important to have your concrete area’s power washed come spring time to remove the salt deposits that are imbedded in the pores of the concrete which cause your concrete to fail. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.

When you hire ChicagoLand Softwash to clean your concrete, you can be sure that your concrete will stay clean for at least 2 years depending on the abuse it may suffer at the hands of those using it. Of course ChicagoLand Softwash expects these wear and tear issues this is why we use a process that eliminates the organic growth first from the concrete, and then we follow that up with a “HOT” water power wash application that brings your concrete back to life.

As we all do with our vehicles, or electronics and power equipment, maintenance is a huge part of protecting your concrete and any other exterior items on your property. And we are here to help you keep them looking brand new and clean.

One call does it all, ChicagoLand Softwash.


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